Do you know what’s on your CoreLogic TeleTrack report?

Were you turned down for a payday loan or cash advance because of them? ]

Here’s what you need to know – and how to get a free TeleTrack report from CoreLogic…

TeleTrack (not TeleCheck) is a consumer reporting agency (CRA), owned by CoreLogic, that’s payday lenders, cash advance sites, and rent-to-own companies use.

Your TeleTrack report tells lenders:

  • How many payday loans you applied for
  • How many loans you have out
  • If you have any loan chargeoffs
  • If you’ve been sued by landlords
  • If you filed for bankruptcy

You may wonder… Continue reading “What Does Your TeleTrack Report Say About You?” »

If you need a No-TeleTrack payday loan – beware of no TeleTrack cash advance scams and other payday loan scams.

Payday lenders use TeleTrack to see if you have other loans out and if you paid-back loans you took out before.

While loans with no TeleTrack check are tempting, there’s reason to be wary…

Why is that?

Because people who want no-Teletrack loans fall into three categories: Continue reading “Beware of No-TeleTrack Loans & Cash Advances” »