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Since 2006, I’ve reviewed the top online payday loan and cash advance sites to report to you which lenders offer fast approvals, low rates, flexible payment options (including 30 day payday loans) and responsive, friendly customer service.

I created this humble payday loan review site one day after toiling for hours looking for the best online lender.  There’s lots of good lenders out there who will give you a quick cash advance – even with bad credit or no credit – but you have to know what to look for.

Pick the wrong lender, and you could pay hundreds more than you should in fees.  When you need extra money to catch up on bills, cover car repairs or enjoy a little extra breathing room, you need a loan that’s easy and convenient to pay back!

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Best Payday Loan Lender – PayDay One

UPDATE (11/22/2013) - PayDay One no longer accepts loan applications. If you’re looking for an honest payday lender with low fees and A+ service, see our Check City Review.

Why are they rated the best online payday loan site?…

  • Because they offer a “Great Rate Guarantee.” If you find a better rate from another licensed lender, they’ll match it.
  • Because they’re state-licensed and only charge the legally-allowed interest rate for your state.  Many payday loan sites sidestep state laws and charge whatever they want.  You can even view PayDay One’s state licenses on their site!
  • Because their application process is quick and easy.  In most cases, you don’t have to fax anything (unless your state requires it.)
  • Because you can get payday loans for up to 30-days (in most states.)

PayDay One is a state-licensed lender that services: MD, TX, DE, KY, LA, MN, PA, RI, TN, IL, ID, MO, SD, WI and OH.

Payday One Review